Fully equipped, riding Superman!

I finally got the type of mask I was looking for, to use on my bike when
pollution is getting too bad, like today: well above 200 AQI. I tried all the other usual ones, none worked as my glasses became foggy and I
could not really breathe.
This one (3M) works OK, as it has valves for incoming and outgoing air. Tested today for the first time.

So now, fully equipped with my little SUPERMAN bike – no joke, that is actually the BAT
brand’s model name as I discovered a couple of weeks after buying it. It is a small and simple bike, no gears, giving me extra exercise when
climbing a little or when it’s windy. I already bike fast enough like this, often passing e-bikes. But I would have preferred to ride
Important is, it brings me around, even to Lido Hotel (twice). Rain, snow, freezing or sauna weather are normally not able to stop
Translation of the (Dutch) sign: “One more car less”!  (WEER EEN AUTO MINDER, from 11.11.11)
And if the crazies in DPRK start a chemical
war I might be well enough prepared. The filter stops a lot of bad stuff! And it does not allow me to scold the unruly Chinese in my path.

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