The darker side of Buddhism

A bit sad to see this extreme brand of Buddhism, an otherwise peaceful teaching. Unfortunately since trhe article came out little or no progress has been made to stem the virulent actions by some, like in Myanmar against some Muslim minorities.
The darker side of Buddhism, by Charles Haviland BBC News, Colombo, 30 May 2015
BBC article

Some excerpts:

The principle of non-violence is central to Buddhist teachings, but in Sri Lanka some Buddhist monks are being accused of stirring up hostility towards other faiths and ethnic minorities. Their hard line is causing increasing concern.

The firebrand strain of Buddhism is not new to Sri Lanka. A key Buddhist revivalist figure of the early 20th Century, Anagarika Dharmapala, was less than complimentary about non-Sinhalese people. He held that the “Aryan Sinhalese” had made the island into Paradise which was then destroyed by Christianity and polytheism. He targeted Muslims saying they had “by Shylockian methods” thrived at the expense of the “sons of the soil”.

Since 2012, the Buddhist Power Force (BBS)has embraced direct action, following the example of other like-minded groups. It raided Muslim-owned slaughter-houses claiming, incorrectly, that they were breaking the law. Members demonstrated outside a law college alleging, again incorrectly, that exam results were being distorted in favor of Muslims.
Moderate Buddhists have also been targeted by hardline ones.

Another country where fierce Buddhism has recently made headlines is Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. A Buddhist faction there, the 969 movement, is known for strident anti-Muslim campaigns that have triggered widespread violence.

See: Myanmar mob burns down mosque, 2 July 2016
BBC article

A mob has burned down a mosque in northern Myanmar in the second attack of its kind in just over a week.
Police are reported to be guarding the village of Hpakant in Kachin state, after failing to stop Buddhist villagers setting the mosque ablaze.
Last week, a group of men destroyed a mosque in central Myanmar in a dispute over its construction.
The latest attack took place on Friday, when a group of villagers stormed the mosque and set it on fire. Reports said they attacked police officers guarding it, and stopped the fire brigade from reaching the site.

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  1. I remember having heard Gilbert noticing that the West is harassing some Asian countries about their Human Rights records while remaining too often silent about those of Saudi Arabia, Qatar or some other of our oil producing Muslim allies. Can we understand countries like Myanmar or Sri Lanka being more carefull or less indulgent about their own Muslim minorities than we have been with ours ? Which many in the West have now good reasons to regret ?

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