Not sorry for my atheism

Atheists are bad?

We atheists have a bad reputation? The so-called religious people look down on us and we often feel like the rejected because we “don’t believe”.
We could say it is our religion and we could look down on those who believe in fairy tales and superstition, and ignore science and reality.
No, I am not sorry for my atheism. And we have reasons not to be. I mean REASON like in science.

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Religion, atheism and development

When looking at the countries where religion is “important”, or better where it puts a lid on freedoms, it is pretty similar as to grade countries who evolved economically.
Those countries that look like attaching less importance to religion are actually still strongly influenced by religion but adapted a more open society and avert extremism.
Religion is a personal choice that we should respect, we just demand reciprocity because we also have our belief in ethics and being good to others. That is because we are all humans.
If you respect my philosophy I will respect your religion.

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