No Christmas in Saudi Arabia

Schools to ban Christmas

China Daily published an article that the Saudi Education Ministry has warned International Schools from marking non-Islamic occasions, such as Christmas and New Year. No holidays allowed nor changes to the exam schedules. No Christmas in Saudi Arabia.
Once I heard Trump say he would bring back Christmas to the U.S., as many shopping malls are scaling that all down “because of sensitivities”. For once I agree with him. Nothing wrong with Christmas as there should be nothing wrong to have Chinese New Year or a Muslim holiday. We should all respect each other.

Close friends, lots of donations

Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim countries are “close friends” of the USA. It turned out those countries gave a lot of money to the Clinton Foundation. At the same time, they are the worst in human rights and treat women and LGBT very badly, the least to say. If China would do 10% of all that, they would receive world-wide condemnation. But Saudis? No no, close friends (and they have oil, remember! And money!). I am sure the Foundation is not an isolated case, just one of the many.
So far so good for the hypocrisy of the West.

See here, not verified if the figures are right, but the local laws look true:

  • Algeria donated $250,000 to $500,000 to the Clintons
  • The Nation of Brunei donated $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 to the Clintons
  • Jamaica donated $50,000 to $100,000 to the Clintons
  • Kuwait donated $5,000,000 to $10,000,000 to the Clintons
  • Sultanate of Oman donated $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 to the Clintons
  • Qatar donated $5.8 million to the Clintons
  • Saudi Arabia donated up to $50 million to the Clintons
  • United Arab Emirates donated up to $11.5 million to the Clintons
  • Morocco-owned OCP, a phosphate exportation company, donated $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 to the Clintons

I posted this on Twitter and Facebook:
Saudi Arabia (our “good friends”) bans Christmas & New Year in international schools. OK let’s ban Muslim holidays in Belgium. Mutual respect?
Oh well some “Did not see the link between Muslims in Belgium and Saudi Arabia”, even bringing up KKK. My comment:
The point is, in our countries we are forced to respect whatever request from Muslims (some even want Sharia and attack our women for not being properly dressed), and we comply often out of “respect for diversity”. However in countries like SA there is zero tolerance for non-Muslims. Worse, they are our “close friends” and when they visit us we have to cover up “naked statues”. When will Europe get this? It is a matter of mutual respect and tolerance. Not one-way street. I am NOT calling to stop Muslim and other holidays in our countries. The people who misunderstand this just don’t get it (and I could care less). But people coming to our countries must respect our culture or stay away.

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  1. In the same way, the US City of Bloomington (Indiana, USA) has renamed Good Friday and Columbus Day as “Spring Holiday” and “Fall Holiday” to be more “inclusive”. Well at least there was a backlash on social media. Really silly. What they should do is honor some major holidays or special days of non-Christians, even if there is no official holiday.

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