The IS do not represent true Muslims

Cruel monsters

Every day we read about the absurd and inhuman actions of IS and their allies. True Muslims?
Killing innocent civilians like animals (worse, in our countries slaughter is regulated). Killing women, children, hanging the bodies in the open. Blowing up fellow Muslims because they are “of the wrong kind”, in their mosques, weddings, funerals, anywhere. I have given up to follow the myriad of atrocities. Too many.

Destroying the rich legacy in their own countries

Here one of the many examples:

“Nearly a month into the fight to retake Mosul, government forces pushed Islamic State militants out of nearby Nimrud, home to some of Iraq’s richest archaeological treasures. And when soldiers finally surveyed the extremists’ destruction of the ancient sites, one said that those who carried it out “don’t have a place in humanity.”
Intricate reliefs that once stood at the gates to the magnificent Assyrian palace lay in pieces: stone carvings of a face, half of a claw, part of a wing, fragments of script.
In April 2015, the Islamic State extremists released a shocking video that showed how they had hammered, bulldozed and blew up parts of the 13th century BC Assyrian capital in the Tigris River valley south of Mosul.” (source SCMP)

Not true Muslims

The “normal” Muslim community strongly condemns the actions of those monsters. What I cannot understand why people still fall for that. Well, look at the terrorists who committed atrocities in our countries: before their “change” most were criminals, used drugs, drank alcohol.
Please Muslim friends, let’s stand up united against those real “infidels”.


It is sad to see how with all this senseless extremism and “interpretation” of religious scripts, some countries have gone back to Medieval times. Progress?
See a picture of Kabul (Afghanistan) in the 1970s. There are similar recordings of what Iran was like.

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