About this website

Why this website

My interest in environmental issues, politics and models for a better society goes back many years. It all came into the open with the publication of my (first) book “Toxic Capitalism”, see a short introduction here in this website.

With the run-up to the Beijing 2008 Olympics I started to run marathons, got chronic bronchitis as a result – running in polluted Beijing – and I started to monitor air pollution in Beijing. I was most probably the first to denounce the gravity and dangers of air pollution in Beijing. I also defended the PM2.5 measurements of the U.S. embassy, showing they were pretty representative for the city within the 3rd Ring Road, see the page “Beijing Pollution API charts”. Those charts are unique as I registered daily values myself as there was nowhere a historical overview of the data available.

It all culminated in the publication of my book. But the story does not end here.

The environment a a new society

I continue to monitor environmental issues in China and in the world. Also, environmental concerns are just one factor of what makes our society adapted to the expectations of this century, from the point of view of a liberal, tolerant, anti-racist and science-friendly person.

This site wants to show aspects of our today’s society that demand attention and action. That can be the difficulty of riding a bike in a city like Beijing, soil contamination, the hypocrisy of politicians, the struggle against sex and racial discrimination, women’s rights and much more.
It also is the feeding ground and inspiration for a next book that is spinning in my head, a sort of follow-up on Toxic Capitalism.

Obviously I do not expect religious extremists, racists, ultra-conservatives and alike to like my site.

Universal Horizon

I was myself pretty amused to find back the very original idea for this site. I had to admit the present idea is pretty close to what I had written like a decade ago, except for the environmental issues. See here, unedited, the original text:

A world where our view reaches the far end of the universe, without artificial barriers and ideological blinkers, where we feel at home to live our own lives while respecting others around us. A tolerant society based on free choice and respect. No fanatics, extremists and hypocrites of all sorts.
Some of our strong convictions:

  • Respect for the others
  • Everyone has the right to observe its religious and political beliefs, to be an atheist
  • Nobody should force others to adopt its religious beliefs or to interfere with the religious beliefs of others
  • No discrimination based on religion, atheism, sex, race, sexual orientation or other
  • In particular, women and men have equal rights
  • Free choice in birth control and abortion Free enterprise and free trade
  • No false globalization where free trade is hampered through invisible barriers and protection of so-called national or corporate interests
  • No global monopolies
  • The courage to defend a free society and to raise a strong voice against extremists and fanatic
  • The rule of law should be fair and should apply to all Education and equal opportunities to suppress poverty and ignorance, the main source for seeking refuge in extremism

Let’s all unite against the hypocrisy of fanatics, extremists and the so-called righteous who abuse their “ideologies” to oppress others for their own hunger for power and interest. The weakness of tolerant people is their silence to oppose intolerance.