Toxic Capitalism: My Book


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The West is causing depletion of natural resources and environmental destruction with the help of questionable companies, financial institutions and governments.
Toxic Capitalism, a succinct volume jam-packed with surprising and informative data, shows how to fight overconsumption and wastage.

What you will discover and learn in the book:

  • The reality of Global Warming
  • How financial institutions and companies fail in their job
  • How governments fail in their duty, with vested interests at work
  • How income inequality affects society
  • The role of corruption
  • How inadequate job markets impede better consumption
  • Details on water pollution & scarcity, focus on China
  • What China is doing to combat pollution, to improve the energy mix and promote renewables
  • How China roams the world to buy up and import the much needed resources, including food
  • How much and why we waste (including food and medicine)
  • Air pollution, soil pollution, impact on health
  • Everyday examples of waste, focus on China
  • How we can enforce quality and durability
  • How we can do our part to safeguard the future for our children

Gilbert Van Kerckhove, is from Belgium and graduated as a master in electronic engineering.
Since 1980 he has been working with China, where he spent 27 years, mostly in Beijing but also in Hong Kong and Shanghai.
He is the president of a Beijing-based management consulting that provides strategy guidance to foreign and Chinese companies.
Since 2000 he has been assisting the Beijing Municipality in the areas of economic studies and foreign investment promotion. He has received the highest Chinese awards for his role in the 2008 Olympics, including the Chinese Green Card. He considers Beijing his home.
He is an avid reader of regional and international news and has built a large database on issues related to the environment, economy, public services, trade, labor markets, and more.

Living in China he became alarmed by the dramatic pollution levels and the impact of Toxic Capitalism, an unwelcome strain of capitalism that thrives on overconsumption and indiscriminate wastage, promoted by the West with the help of questionable companies, financial institutions and governments. China, as Factory of the World, is facing depletion of resources and roams the world to satisfy its voracious appetite for energy, raw materials, and food. How serious is the environmental destruction? Is capitalism fundamentally wrong? How did we come to this madness, and what can we do to preserve the future of our children?